Zanettin srl company was founded in the mid-50s by the brothers Gino and Riccardo Zanettin, who opened a sand quarry in a locality called Cavade...

In those years sand was loaded by hand on a tractor and delivered throughout the Cembra Valley. Then came the first track loader, the first truck and the new system of selection and screening.

The machinery for the selection of pebbles, entirely designed and manufactured by the company, was a great source of pride. This machinery uses a system of artificial vision and separates the stones by size, color and shape.

Thanks to the success of this machinery the company learned that innovation, flexibility and quality are the basis for a good production.

The selection of pebbles led to an enhancement of the raw material and allowed an improvement in the production. The company started to produce new and new high quality products.

Thanks to the excellent results, the constant determination and the special collaboration with our customers, Z LINE was born. Z LINE is a line of innovative and elegant structures, with unique technical features.

The comapny has always longed for improvement, not only to obtain high quality products and services for our clients, but also to protect our employees.

For all the results we obtained, we want to thank Gino and Riccardo, who passed away many years ago, but had the time to teach us the values you can find in our company. A special thanks goes to Agnese too, who has always cared for the family and still cares for us now.

Giorgio, Paolo e Stefano Zanettin...


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